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American Gold Buffalo Sales Flat in October

The U.S. Mint Sold 6,500 American Gold Buffalo Coins in October, down 7% from October 2017. Through October 3, 2018, U.S. Mint has sold 114,500 American Gold Buffalo coins vs. […]

The Dollar Regains its Footing in 2018

Dollar Index Rebounds in 2018, Gold and Silver Fall. 2018 has seen a realignment of currency gold and silver values. Set forth below are the highlights of this shift. The […]

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FOMC Minutes Indicate Further Rate Hikes Ahead

Stock Market Enters Longest Bull Market in History as the Fed Confirms Rate Hike Path. Longest bull run in the history of the stock market, congratulations America! — Donald J. […]

Federal Reserve Warns on Inflation

Minutes from the Fed’s Open Market Committee Indicate a Fear of Inflation The minutes to the Federal Reserve’s June 12-13 meeting were released today. The June 12-13 meeting was one […]

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Tariffs and Inflation, Gold and Silver

Gold and Silver may provide shelter from the turmoil and inflation resulting from tariffs and brewing trade wars. President Donald Trump has threatened sweeping tariffs on steel (25%) and aluminum […]


Why the threat of inflation is different this time

Is Inflation Starting to Accelerate? The Consumer Price Index (CPI) reading this week showing a 0.5% increase in January vs. expectations of 0.3%, has market observers on inflation watch. After […]

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Fear, Greed and Cognac

The Battle Between Fear and Greed In May we asked “Will Fear or Greed Prevail During the Trump Administration?” It seems that since the spring, both fear and greed are […]

Ides of March 2017 – Fireworks or Dud?

Beware the Ides of March! Market prognosticators love to pin their predictions on specific dates. A correct general market trend prediction doesn’t give the putative clairvoyant the same pizzazz as […]

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Trump, Gold and the Cognac Effect

Luxury Goods and Safe Haven Assets May Experience Greater Demand Under a Trump Presidency The election of Donald Trump this past November promises to bring changes to Washington and the […]