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India’s Cash Crunch Means Lower Gold Sales

India Suspends Rupee Exchange Program The Indian government has flip-flopped and reversed its announced Rupee exchange policy. When Prime Minister Modi announced the demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes […]


Foreign Holdings of US Treasury Bonds Sink

Major Foreign Holders of U.S. Treasury Bonds Cut Their Holdings United States Treasury Bonds are the most liquid security in the world. Central banks hold U.S. Treasuries as reserves. In […]

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Janet Yellen Grilled Over “Political” Fed

If the Economy is Doing So Well, Why are Interest Rates So Low? Janet Yellen testified yesterday in front of Congress. She was grilled aggressively by Scott Garrett a Congressman […]

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Fed Meets, Does Nothing

Same Old Song and Dance From The Fed Re Rate Hike Policy The Federal Reserve ended its two day meeting yesterday and concluded that while the economy was ‘picking-up’ and […]