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Specially Priced Random Dated Gold Coins

Three of the World’s Most Popular Coins Specially Priced For a Limited Time. BGASC.com now has available random dated brilliant uncirculated American Gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and South […]

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Texas Opens Gold Depository

First state-administered precious metals depository in U.S. opens. Texas recently announced the opening of a gold depository in Austin, Texas. The Texas Bullion Depository is owned and operated by the […]

American Gold Eagle Sales Pop 60% in April

U.S. Mint Sold 4,000 one ounce American Gold Eagle Coins in April. The U.S. Mint sold 4,000 one ounce American Gold Eagle coins (AGE’s) in April 2018. This reflects a […]

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Kazakhstan Gold Reserves Draw Closer to U.K.’s

Kazakhstan Central Bank Gold Reserves Rise to 310 Tons. After adding gold to reserves for 66 consecutive months, the Central Bank of Kazakhstan’s gold reserves have pulled into a virtual […]

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German Bundesbank Shows Off Its Gold

Western nations rarely discuss their gold holdings. U.S. Presidents and Federal Reserve officials do not comment on the United States gold position unless asked. Last year, United States Treasury Secretary […]

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American Gold Buffalo Sales Stall in March

The U.S. Mint Sold 1,000 American Gold Buffalo Coins in March. Low U.S. Mint Gold Sales Belie Ever – Present Financial and Political Risks March sales of American Gold Buffalo […]