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American Gold Buffalo Sales Spike 171% in October

The U.S. Mint Sold 28,500 American Gold Buffalo Coins in October. October sales of American Gold Buffalo coins hit their highest monthly total since January. The U.S. Mint reported selling […]


Chinese Gold Reserves Grow 4 Tons in October

Chinese Central Bank Reports Gold Reserves Increased to 1,843 tons in October Chinese Gold Reserves The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) reported that it added four tons of gold to […]

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American Gold Eagle Sales up 287% in October

Sales of American Gold Eagle Coins up Nearly 300% in October. Through October 2016, American Gold Eagle Sales Have Already Surpassed Last Year’s Total. Sales of one ounce American Gold […]

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September Indian Gold Imports Spike 63%

Indian Gold Imports Year to Date Down 52% through September. Indian imports jumped as it headed into its traditional fall gold-buying season. Gold imports in September rose 63% in September […]

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The Gold Price in Countries With Political Turmoil

Gold Can Protect Holders From Political Crisis The price of gold may be influenced by many factors including inflation, reckless monetary and/or fiscal policies, supply shortages or war. These factors […]

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How Much Gold Does the United States Have?

United States Gold Reserves Are The Largest in The World U.S. Gold Reserves The United State lists its gold reserves at 8,133.50 tons. This number has not changed since 1971. […]

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Perth Mint Gold Sales Soar In September

September 2016 Sales of Gold at the Perth Mint Spike From Summer Lows. The Perth Mint sold 58,811 ounces of gold in September 2016. This was up 300% from the […]

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American Gold Eagle Sales up 58% in September

Sales of American Gold Eagle Coins Rise in September. Through September 2016, American Gold Eagle Sales Are Up 9% Over Same Time Period Last Year. After a 378% increase in […]

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Where Does Gold Come From?

A good portion of global gold is mined in China and Russia. In recent years, annual global gold mining production has supplied about 66% of current gold demand each year. […]

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Recycling Precious Metals

The Role of Recycling in Creating Supply Part of gold and silver demand is met by recycling existing metal. Because gold is about 70 times more expensive than silver, more […]