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Indian Silver Imports Rise 9% In September

Indian Silver Imports Rebound From 2016 Lows in Advance of Diwali. Indian silver demand edged up in September as Indian buying returned in anticipation of Diwali and the wedding season. […]

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American Silver Eagle Sales Come to Life in October

Dramatic Increase in American Silver Eagle Coins in October. October Surprise! American Silver Eagle coin (ASE) sales through mid-October are 2,775,000 up from 1,675,000 ASEs sold in September and 1,280,000 […]

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Where Does Silver Come From?

A good portion of silver comes from Mexico and Peru. In recent years, annual global silver mining production has supplied about 85% of current silver demand each year. The remaining […]

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Recycling Precious Metals

The Role of Recycling in Creating Supply Part of gold and silver demand is met by recycling existing metal. Because gold is about 70 times more expensive than silver, more […]

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America The Beautiful Coin Sales March Higher

The United States Mint’s Five Ounce Silver Bullion Coin Sales Elevated Sales of the U.S. Mint’s ‘other’ silver bullion coin, the American The Beautiful (ATB) coin have surpassed all sales […]

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Silver Soars in 2016

Silver is the Best Performing Asset in 2016. ` While gold has captured most of the headlines this year for its stunning price rebound and rise in 2016, silver has […]