Kazakhstan Gold Reserves Continue To Climb

Kazakhstan Central Bank Gold Reserves Top 356 Tons. Kazakhstan mined approximately 85 tons of gold in 2018 and added over 50 tons of that gold to reserves. The Central Bank […]

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2018 Indian Gold Imports Strong Again

Indian Gold Imports Topped 700 tons through November 2018. Indian gold imports continued at a robust pace in 2018, climbing to 718 tons though November 2018. India gold imports of […]

2018 final gold reserves excluding Afghanistan

Russian Gold Reserves Soar To New Record in 2018

Central Bank of Russia added 9.33 Tons of Gold to Reserves in December. The Russian Central Bank announced today that its gold reserves had reached 67.9 million troy ounces (approximately […]

Gold reserves by country top twenty January 2019

Kazakhstan Continues Gold Buying in November

Kazakhstan Central Bank Gold Reserves Top 345 Tons. The Central Bank of Kazakhstan added to her gold reserves for the 72th consecutive month in a row in November, adding 140,000 […]

Indian Silver Imports Top 1000 Tons in October

Indian silver imports top 196 million ounces in first ten months of 2018. India imported 6,126 tons (196,955,500 ounces) of silver through October 2018. India silver imports have risen 62% […]

2019 American Silver Eagle

The 2019 American Silver Eagles are Coming!

Order 2019 American Silver Eagles now for shipment by 01/24/2019. As 2018 winds down, the U.S. Mint is making preparations to mint and ship the 2019 American Silver Eagles. Demand […]

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American Gold Buffalo Sales Flat in October

The U.S. Mint Sold 6,500 American Gold Buffalo Coins in October, down 7% from October 2017. Through October 3, 2018, U.S. Mint has sold 114,500 American Gold Buffalo coins vs. […]

American Silver Eagle reverse 2018

October Silver Eagle Sales Rise 35%

U.S. Mint sold 1,405,000 American Silver Eagle Coins in October – up 35% from October 2017. American Silver Eagle Sales Topped Over 1 Million For Third Month in a Row. […]