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Trump, Negative Interest Rates, Gold and Silver

At the Davos conference of world leaders last week, Donald Trump bemoaned that the United States was at a disadvantage. ” We compete with nations that are getting negative rates, […]

March Russian Gold Reserves Rise Again

The Central Bank of Russia added 500,000 ounces (15.5 tons) of Gold to Reserves in March. After leading the world central bank in gold acquisition in 2018 by adding a […]

Gold Bars For Close to Spot Price

Gold bars are a cost effective way to acquire gold bullion. Gold bars are produced by private companies like Elemetal, Republic Metals Corporation, Pamp Suisse and the Sunshine Minting Company. […]

Kazakhstan Gold Reserves Continue To Climb

Kazakhstan Central Bank Gold Reserves Top 377 Tons. Kazakhstan mined approximately 85 tons of gold in 2018 and added over 50 tons of that gold to reserves. The Central Bank […]

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2018 Indian Gold Imports Strong Again

Indian Gold Imports Topped 700 tons through November 2018. Indian gold imports continued at a robust pace in 2018, climbing to 718 tons though November 2018. India gold imports of […]

2018 final gold reserves excluding Afghanistan

Russian Gold Reserves Soar To New Record in 2018

Central Bank of Russia added 9.33 Tons of Gold to Reserves in December. The Russian Central Bank announced today that its gold reserves had reached 67.9 million troy ounces (approximately […]