Russian gold additions August 2015 - August 2017

Russian Gold Reserves Grow Again in August

The Russian Central Bank announced last week that its gold reserves had reached 56.1 million troy ounces (approximately 1,745 metric tons). The total included an additional 500,000 ounces (approximately 15.5 […]

chinese 200 g gold panda

Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals Strong in 2017

The Shanghai Gold Exchange Reports Robust Gold Withdrawals through July. The Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) monthly gold withdrawals topped over 144 tons (approximately 4.63 million ounces) in July. The SGE […]

Perth Mint Australian silver kangaroo image

Silver Sales Pick up

End of Summer Silver Sales Show Signs of Life The U.S. Mint sold 3.3 million American Silver Eagles (ASEs) during the months of July and August, up 25% compared to […]

top ten gold holding nations August 24 2017

Top Gold Holding Nations

Which countries’ governments hold the most gold? Here is a chart and list of the top ten gold holding nations. 1. The United States 8,133.50 tons Most governments hold their […]

bgasc american gold eagle february 2016 sales

US Mint Gold Sales Slump in February

Higher Gold Prices Curb February Sales Sales of gold at the U.S. Mint fell in February as price of gold continued to rise and the geo-political situation was relatively calm. […]

gold bull market

Trump, Gold and the Cognac Effect

Luxury Goods and Safe Haven Assets May Experience Greater Demand Under a Trump Presidency The election of Donald Trump this past November promises to bring changes to Washington and the […]

silver and gold

Gold and Silver Rise in 2016

Precious Metals Gain in 2016. Gold and silver rose in 2016, gaining 8.5% and 14.8%, respectively. The charts of the two metals for the year (see below) look like bell […]

1-10 oz american gold eagle bgasc

2016 U.S. Mint Gold Sales Best Since 2010

Sales of American Gold Eagle and American Gold Buffalo Coins Top 1.2 Million Ounces in 2016 Gold sales at the U.S. Mint were 1,204,500 ounces in 2016. This was the […]