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In August of 1971, after Richard Nixon ended the Bretton Woods Agreements that tied the U.S. Dollar to gold inflation spiked. During the 1970’s Americans endured two oil shocks that sent the price of gasoline skyrocketing. Price inflation rose every year and retail and institutional investors scrambled to protect their purchasing power from the ravages of price inflation.

Purchasing gold was not an option in the early 1970’s as an Executive Order by President Roosevelt in May of 1933 had outlawed the private ownership of gold. The gold ban would last until December of 1974. With gold unavailable to purchase, silver became the metal that Americans flocked to as an inflation hedge. One of the most popular ways to purchase silver in the 1970’s was via Engelhard silver bars.

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Engelhard silver bars were minted by a trusted company founded at the turn of the 20th century. The Engelhard silver bars were minted in one, ten and hundred ounce sizes starting in the 1970’s. Engelhard silver bars were coveted for their .999+ fine silver content, standard weights and attractive designs. Unlike other silver bars, Engelhard bars have serial numbers stamped on them, giving purchasers further assurance of their authenticity.

Engelhard stopped large mintages of silver bars in the 1980s, as interest in silver faded with inflation.

It is estimated that just over one million Engelhard 10 ounce silver bars were minted. Many of these bars, however, were melted in 1979 and 1980 when the price of silver soared from just a few dollars an ounce to $50 an ounce in early 1980. Today, investors and collectors continue to seek out Engelhard silver bars for their purity, rarity and beauty.

Englehard silver bar with  serial number
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