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Silver’s Industrial Price Support

2015 – A Record Year For Silver Coins Rounds and Bars Drives Overall Silver Demand In 2015 sales of one ounce American Silver Eagle (ASE) and one ounce Canadian Silver […]

Roll of 25 Silver Kangaroos

Perth Mint Silver Sales Spike 36% in March

March 2018 Sales of Silver at the Perth Mint Were Nearly One Million Ounces. The Perth Mint sold 975,921 ounces of silver in March 2018. This was down slightly from […]

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The Silver Card Is Back in Stock!

1 ounce .999 Fine Silver in the Size and Shape of a Credit Card Last month we introduced a new way to save, stack and store silver- the Silver Card […]

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Taking Care of Your Silver

Last week we covered silver that doesn’t require much care. Most brilliant uncirculated or numismatic silver, however, will require careful handling in order to maintain your silver’s condition and value. […]

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Silver That Requires Little Care

Part of the joy of owning silver is not just the beauty and value of silver but also that it is something you can hold in your hand. Not all […]

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Betting on and with Silver and Copper

Gather Your Chips, Roll the Dice, Play Block Dominoes with these Copper and Silver Game Pieces Silver and copper enthusiasts often tout the extreme usefulness of these metals citing industrial […]

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How to Avoid Counterfeit Gold and Silver

Buying Gold and Silver From Unknown Third Parties Poses Counterfeit Risks No one likes paying something for nothing or being defrauded, especially when paying large amounts of money. Ever since […]

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Egyptian Themed Silver Rounds and Bars

Silver In Ancient Egypt Silver was a late comer to the Egyptian Dynastic scene. When silver was introduced to Egyptian culture around the time of Queen Hetephere (2575 BC – […]

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U.S. Mint vs Perth Mint

Perth Mint Silver Sales Challenge American Silver Eagle Sales. The U.S. Mint has been the largest seller of silver bullion coins for more than thirty years. Since the introduction of […]

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Indian Silver Imports Rose 52% in 2017

Indian Silver Imports Were Nearly 175 million Ounces in 2017. Indian silver imports rose 52% in 2017, reflecting India’s increasing penchant for the grey metal. India imported 5,823 tons of […]

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2018 Silver Libertads Now Available For Pre-Order

Low Mintage Silver Bullion Mexican Libertads From The World’s Largest Silver Mining Country. Order 2018 1 oz Silver Mexico Libertad .999 Fine Silver Bullion Coins now for shipment by March […]

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Shipwrecked Gold!

There’s gold and silver at the bottom of the sea. Before the digital age, money was transmitted physically. This meant stage coaches in the 1850’s would bring gold from San […]