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2019 Mexican Silver Libertads Are Now Available For Pre-Order

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Low Mintage Silver Bullion Mexican Libertads From The World’s Largest Silver Mining Country.

Order 2019 1 oz Silver Mexico Libertad .999 Fine Silver Bullion Coins now for shipment by March 7, 2019.

The classic 2019 one ounce Mexican Silver Libertads are now available for pre-order from BGASC.com. Mexican Silver Libertads are minted every year in small batches by the oldest mint in the western hemisphere, La Casa de Moneda de México.

La Casa de Moneda de México (the Mexican Mint) is the official mint of Mexico founded in 1535 during the time when Spanish Conquistador, Hernán Cortés, conquered the Aztec Empire in modern day Mexico and along with it, the vast gold and silver deposits in the region. La Casa de Moneda produced initially primitive silver coins from the local mines for local circulation. Eventually, around 1598, La Casa de Moneda began producing a more substantial, quality silver coin, the silver real de a ocho, or piece of eight coin. The piece of eight was the Spanish Dollar and weighed 0.883125 troy ounces and was made of 93% fine silver.

The Mexican Silver Libertad carries on a more than six hundred year tradition of silver coin mintage at the Mexican Mint. The design of the Silver Libertad was created by Emilio del Moral. Sr. Moral’s design was originally used on the Mexican gold bullion coin the Centenario, first minted in 1921.

La Casa de Moneda de México produces a variety of sizes of the silver Libertad coin. The Libertad is minted in 1/20, 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 5 troy ounce and 1 kilogram sizes. The most popular size is the one ounce coin.

Mexican Silver Libertad coins do NOT contain a face value and are identified only by size and weight.

On the obverse

The front of the Silver Libertad features Mexican National Seal with an eagle atop a cactus, with a snake in its beak, and the words “Estados Unidos Mexicanos” (“United States of Mexico”).

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On the reverse

The back of the Silver Libertad displays an image of a winged Victoria in front of Mexican volcanoes Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl with the words “1 Onza Plata Pura” (“one ounce pure silver”), the date and .999 indicating the fineness of the silver.

2019 mexican libertad front
Click to Buy 2019 1 oz Silver Mexico Libertad .999 Fine Silver Bullion Coin Brilliant Uncirculated

Stacking Silver Libertads

Quantities of 25 Silver Libertads are shipped in original unopened mint tubes.

Quantities of 450 Silver Libertads ship in original unopened mint bags.

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Mexican Silver Mining

Mexico is a major producer of gold and silver. Indeed, Mexico’s mining production ranks first in the world and its gold mining production is the eighth largest. Despite Mexico’s world leading silver mining production, the
Mexican Silver Libertad has been minted in limited quantities. Over the past dozen years, the Mexican Mint’s average annual production of one ounce Silver Libertads has been well under one million. In contrast, other sovereign mints like the U.S. and Canadian Mint produce tens of million of American Silver Eagles and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins each year.

Pre-order your Silver Mexican Libertads for shipment by March 7, 2019 by clicking here.

Silver Mexican Libertads are IRA eligible.

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