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As 2019 winds down, the U.S. Mint is making preparations to mint and ship the 2020 American Silver Eagles. Demand for the 2019 American Silver Eagles grew about 5% over sales of 2018 American Silver Eagles. The U.S. Mint consistently sold over one million American Silver Eagles from June through October this year, after selling over four million in January.

Pre-order 2020 American Silver Eagles
U.S. Mint sold 14,360,000 American Silver Eagles Through November 14, 2019.

Sales of American Silver Eagles (ASE’s) regained their footing in 2019 and appear to be heading for a year over year increase over 2018 sales. The U.S. Mint sold 14,360,000 ASEs through November 14, 2019, The U.S. Mint sold a total of 15,7000 American Silver Eagles in 2018, down from 18,065,500 sold in 2017. At the current sales pace, 2019 American Silver Eagles will out sell 2018 American Silver Eagle sales, but fall short of 2017 American Silver Eagle sales.

The 2019 sales chart of American Silver Eagles show consistent sales throughout the year.

2019 American Silver Eagle sales kicked off January with a solid 4.017 million sold, up significantly from the 3.235 million sold in January 2018. Feb, March and April 2018 sales of American Silver Eagles were 2,057,500, 850,000, and 1,196,000, respectively. May 2018 sales of 866,000, only the second month of 2019 where sales failed to reach one million. June sales rebounded to 1,035,000 and July through October sales were 1,240,000, 1,007,000, 1021, and 110,500, respectively.

American Silver Eagle Sales in Recent Years

Sales of American Silver Eagles hit records in each of 2013- 2015 with sales of 47,000,000 ASEs in 2015, up from the prior record of 44,006,000 sold in 2014 which was up from a record 42,675,000 sold in 2013. In 2016, sales of American Silver Eagles fell to 37,701,500. Sales of American Silver Eagles fell further in 2017 to 18,065,000. American Silver Eagle sales in 2018 through early December are on pace to be about 15% lower than 2017 ASE sales.

Here is a chart of sales of American Silver Eagles from 1986 – 2019:

American silver eagle reverse w mintmark bgasc
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Silver Price Drops

The price of silver since hitting its peak of about $50 in 2011 and declining from 2011-2015 has remained mostly in a range of around $15-19 from 2015 to early 2019. Many chartists view this as a base building period for silver, in anticipation of a move higher. Silver is known for its prior sudden and historic price spikes. Demand often spikes as a result of steep price declines, leading to “V” shaped price recoveries.

American Silver Eagle demand is not reliable gauge of the price of silver. American Silver Eagle sales rose while the price was rising in 2010-2011 and also rose to record levels in 2015 when the silver price was falling to recent lows. Rather than try to time the market, many silver buyers employ dollar cost averaging whereby they purchase American Silver Eagles every month or every quarter in order to smooth out any price fluctuations and avoid going “all in” at high price.

The price of silver rose steadily in 2019 but fell in recent weeks.

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Pre-order 2020 American Silver Eagles

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About the American Silver Eagle coin

American Silver Eagle coins are .999 pure silver (ASE’s contain .0007 copper), rather than .9999 silver. The obverse of an American Silver Eagle coin boasts the same design as the obverse of the “Liberty Walking” U.S. $.50 piece that was minted from 1916-1947 of 90% silver and 10% copper. The front of a Liberty Walking Half Dollar and an American Silver Eagle coin features a walking lady liberty depiction designed by Adolph A. Weinman who also worked with Augustus Saint Gaudens, whose design appears on the U.S. gold Double Eagle coin (1907 – 1933) and the contemporary American Gold Eagle coin (1986 – present)

American Silver Eagle sales data from USMINT.GOV

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