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The First Roman Emperor – Augustus Caesar

Augustus Caesar’s was born Gaius Octavius and his great-uncle and adoptive father was Julius Caesar. Augustus was the first Roman Emperor and unlike his great uncle whose reign (dictatorship) was cut short by assassins, Augustus Caesar reigned for a long time – 40 years from 16 January 27 BC –19 August AD 14.

Augustus Caesar ruled at a time of great prosperity and peace in the Empire, a peace that began with his reign and lasted for 200 years. This period was called the Pax Romana, or Roman Peace. During Augustus Caesar’s reign the Empire grew through annexation of territories in Europe and Northern Africa, roads were built and police and fire-fighters were employed in the city of Rome.

Augustus caesar rounds front
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The Silver Denarius was the currency of Roman Empire. It was first minted around 200 BC. For over five hundred years, Roman citizens throughout the Empire traded for goods and service in Silver Denarii and the government paid its soldiers in the same. The Roman Empire was at its peak when Augustus Caesar set by decree in 15 B.C. that the Denarius would be minted of 95-98% silver – the highest silver content of the Denarius in its long history.

Over the coming centuries, the Denarius would be debased as the costs of empire (bread and circuses, and maintaining the military) left the Empire’s finances in shambles. The Silver Denarius, however remained the currency of the Roman Republic and Empire for over 400 years. As the years went on and the Empire expanded beyond where it could be economically administered and defended, the silver content of the denarius declined to about 50% in 250 A.D. to just 3% by around 300 A.D.

To commemorate the height of Rome’s Silver Empire and it first Emperor, is offering Augustus Caesar 99.9% silver rounds.

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Augustus Caesar Silver Rounds

Augustus Caesar silver rounds are privately minted by Phoenix Certified Bullion and contain one ounce of pure silver bullion. Augustus Caesar silver rounds share a design similar to the silver denarius of Roman times, with a depiction of the likeness of the profile of Augustus on the obverse. The reverse highlights Augustus Caesar’s initials surrounded by laurel branches

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Privately Minted Silver Rounds

Privately minted silver bullion rounds, like the Augustus Caesar Silver Rounds, are the perfect way to buy pure physical silver at lower cost than government minted silver coins. Silver rounds are easily bought, sold, stacked, stored and counted. These authentic, troy ounce fine silver rounds are pulled directly from brand new, unopened mint tubes with white cotton gloves and placed in a protective plastic sleeve. Quantities of 20 silver rounds are shipped in mint tubes.

Augustus Caesar silver rounds are available now. Click here to order yours today!

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