National Bank of Kazakhstan gold reserves 2015 - 2018 through july

Kazakhstan Gold Reserves Top Saudi Arabia’s

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Kazakhstan Central Bank Gold Reserves Top 326 Tons.

The Central Bank of Kazakhstan added to her gold reserves for the 70th consecutive month in a row in July, adding 160,000 ounces ( nearly 5 tons). With July’s addition to reserves the Central Bank of Kazakhstan’s gold reserves grew to 326.568 tons surpassing Saudi Arabia’s 322.9 tons.

As of the end of July, Kazakhstan’s gold reserves stood at 326.568 tons, or about 17 tons ahead of the United Kingdom’s 310.3 tons and about four tons ahead of the 322.9 ton gold holdings of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The next target for Kazakhstan’s gold reserves is Portugal’s 382.5 tons.

In 2016, the Central Bank of Kazakhstan added 36 tons of gold to her reserves and added 40 tons in 2017. At the current pace, Kazakhstan will add about 50 tons of gold in 2018 and at current rates of gold additions would surpass Portugal’s gold reserves in mid to late 2019 if Portugal adds no gold to her reserves.

Gold Reserves by Country top twenty September 2018
The National Bank of Kazakhstan’s gold purchases the past three years have moved it from thirty-fifth place to thirteenth place among gold holding nations – ahead of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

Kazakhstan Gold Reserves 2015 – 2018

National Bank of Kazakhstan gold reserves 2015 - 2018 through july
Kazakhstan’s gold holdings have increased from 198 tons to over 326 tons from 2015 to July 2018.

The Central Bank of Kazakhstan’s gold reserves are remarkable given the size of its population and economy. Kazakhstan has a population of just 34 million, compared to the United Kingdom’s 66 million. The GDP of Kazakhstan was $160 billion in 2017, while according to the International Monetary Fund the GDP of the United Kingdom was $2.5 trillion. Kazakhstan’s gold reserves were worth $12.796 billion as of July 31, 2018 or over 8% of their GDP!

Kazakhstan Gold Mining Production Surges

Kazakhstan benefits from a domestic gold mining industry that is surging. According to the United States Geological Survey, Kazakh gold mining production was just 21 tons in 2008 and grew to 69 and 70 tons in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Kazakhstan’s Consistent Gold Buying

So far in 2018, Kazakhstan has added about 27 tons of gold. As a result of increasing gold reserves, gold as a percentage of reserves has risen from about 28% in 2015 to about 43.0% in 2018. The lower gold price the past three months has decreased the percentage of gold holdings in dollar terms even though overall gold tonnage has increased.

GOLD Price YTD September 12 2018

Central bank gold buying over the past five years has been concentrated in the central banks of China, Russia and Kazakhstan. More recently, the Turkish central bank has begun adding gold to reserves. The gold buying of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) and the Central Bank of Russia has been substantial enough to vault both of them into the top ten gold holding nations of the world. The PBOC, however has not reported adding gold to reserves since October 2016. Turkey’s gold acquisitions in 2017 and early 2018 have pushed it into the top ten.

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