2018 Korean Tiger silver round front

Korean Tiger Medal Now Available In Silver For the First Time

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New Silver Korean Tiger Medal Now Available for Immediate Shipment*

The Korean Mint first began producing gold Korean Tiger medals in 2016 with the intention of minting them every year. The design has been enormously popular with collectors and investors the past two years and the Korean Mint has decided to mint just 30,000 one ounce Silver Korean Tiger Medals in 2018.

The front of this beautiful Korean Tiger Silver Medal features a Siberian Tiger walking astride tall bamboo. The Korean or the Siberian tiger is a popular symbol in Korea. A stylized Korean Tiger was the official mascot of the 1988 Summer Olympics held in Seoul, South Korea. While Siberian Tigers haven’t roamed Korean peninsula for about one hundred years, the spirit of the tiger lives on in Korean folklore and in these stunning Silver Korean Tiger Medals.

2018 Korean Tiger silver round front
Click to Buy 2018 1 oz South Korean Silver Tiger Medal .999 Fine (in Capsule)

The back of South Korean Silver Tiger Medal features a map of Korea that is formed from letters of the Korean alphabet. To the left of the map is Korea’s national symbol. On the right is an anti-counterfeiting image in circle. At the top of the medal are the words “Republic of Korea” and at the bottom “Fine Silver .999” indicating the medal’s purity.

Korean Tiger Silver Round back
Click to Buy 2018 1 oz South Korean Silver Tiger Medal .999 Fine (in Capsule)

Korean Silver Tiger Medals are available in shrink wrapped rolls of 18.

Korean Tiger silver round roll
Click to Buy Shrink Wrapped Rolls of 18 South Korean Silver Tiger Medals

Korean Silver Tiger Medals and also available in Korean Mint cardboard boxes of 90.

Korean Tiger silver round box of 90 coins
Click to Buy 90 Korean Silver Tiger Medals in Korean Mint cardboard boxes.

While produced by the Korean Mint, the Korean Silver Tiger Medals do not have a face value and are not legal tender.

Historic Times For Korea!

2018 is shaping up to be one of the most important years in Korean history. Recent diplomatic strides initiated by President Donald Trump have promoted the leaders of North and South Korea to meet with the potential of ending the division of the Korean Peninsula that has existed since 1954. Korean Silver Tiger Medal could serve as a perfect commemorative for these exciting times.

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These 2018 Silver Tigers are brand new, imported by BGASC from the South Korean Mint, and stored in mint-sealed packaging until shipped. Quantities of 18 encapsulated medals are shipped in unopened mint shrink-wrap rolls. Single and smaller quantities of medals are carefully pulled from mint roll and bubble wrapped before shipment. BGASC always handles your precious metals with the utmost care and respect, as if we were collecting them ourselves. If you have any questions about these silver medals or the purchasing process, feel free to call us toll-free (888) 992-4272 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

About the Korean Mint

The Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation, or KOMSCO was established in 1951 and is responsible for minting the nation’s coins and printing its currency. KOMSCO also produces limited issuance gold and silver coins and medallions.

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