Secondary market silver bullion rounds assorted

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Silver Bullion Rounds as low as $0.49 over spot!

Silver bullion rounds are a cost effective way to acquire silver bullion. Silver rounds may look like silver coins but are minted by private companies like the Golden State Mint, OPM Metals and the Sunshine Minting Company and are not legal tender. Silver rounds do not have nominal face values (e.g. $.10 or $1.00) and come in sizes generally ranging from 1/10 ounce to five ounces. One ounce silver rounds are the most popular. Silver rounds are usually .999 fine silver and can be purchased closer to the spot price of silver.

While newly minted silver rounds can be purchased at prices lower than sovereign minted coins like American Silver Eagles and Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, secondary market silver rounds can provide further savings. Secondary market silver rounds are pre-owned and may show signs of wear. purchases silver rounds in the secondary market and tests them for silver content and purity to ensure authenticity. is pleased to offer selected one ounce secondary silver rounds at a rock bottom price as low as just $.49 over the spot price of silver. These secondary market silver bullion rounds have been previously owned and/or circulated, therefore may have minor nicks, scratches, toning, or other surface marks and are priced accordingly. Toning sometimes occurs due to the natural oxidation process, but has no negative effect on the value of the silver.

These secondary market 1 oz. silver rounds are priced and sold individually and may be in the same or similar condition as the examples in the photo below. The silver bullion rounds you receive will be of a selection of our choosing. Quantities of 20 Ship in FREE Coin Tube.

Secondary market silver bullion rounds assorted
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Act now, while the price of silver is near the lows of the year.

silver price YTD June 6 2018
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Newly Minted Silver Rounds

Silver rounds often have recognizable designs on their observes and reverses, like designs from older U.S. coins (e.g. U.S. Mercury dime, Buffalo nickel, Liberty Walking half dollar designs adorn some of the silver rounds). Silver rounds can also contain the logo and design of the mint producing the rounds. Silver rounds usually contain the name of the issuing mint, an imprint displaying amount of silver in the round, a statement of fineness (.999) but normally do not contain dates of mintage.

Newly Minted  Silver Rounds
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Silver rounds have no numismatic value and are purchased solely for their bullion content. Silver rounds can be purchased individually or in tubes.

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