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Perth Mint Silver Sales Leap 87% in September

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The Perth Mint Sold 1,305,600 Ounces of Silver in September.

Perth Mint silver sales jumped 87.1% in September year over year. The Perth Mint sold 1,305,600 ounces of silver in September 2018 vs. 697,849 ounces in September 2017. September 2018 Perth Mint silver sales were also up 151% over August 2018 sales when 520,245 ounces of silver were sold.

Perth Mint sales of 1,305,600 ounces in September were lower than U.S. Mint American Silver Eagle sales of 2,897,500 in September. Sales of American Silver Eagles in September were at the highest September total since September 2015.

While silver sales at the U.S. Mint and Perth Mint increased dramatically on a year over year basis in August and September, American Silver Eagles sales are down 23.7% through September year over year and Perth Mint sales are down 8.6%

September Perth Mint silver Sales 2017 vs 2018

Perth Mint Silver Sales September 2017 – September 2018

Perth MInt SIlver Sales SEPTEMBER 2017 - September 2018

Perth Mint Silver Sales 2014 – 2018

Perth Mint silver Sales January 2014 - SEPTEMBER 2018

The dramatic increase in silver sales at the Perth Mint since the fall of 2015 is attributable to the introduction of the one ounce silver Australian Kangaroo coin in September 2015. This coin was released at a time when the major sovereign mints like Canadian and United States Mints were having difficulty meeting demand due to shortages in silver blanks needed to produce Canadian Silver Maple Leaf and American Silver Eagle coins.

Australia’s Perth Mint, unlike the United States Mint, produces its own silver blanks, so the Perth Mint was not reliant upon the ability of third parties to provide them with blanks and was able to ramp up production of its Australian Silver Kangaroo coins relatively quickly.

The Australian Silver Kangaroo was produced with the intention that it would not have a limited mintage like other Perth Mint silver coins like the silver Koala and silver Kookaburra.

Although the Perth Mint does not provide a break-down of monthly sales of each silver coin it mints, the bulk of silver sales at the Perth Mint now come from the Australian Silver Kangaroo.

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About the Perth Mint: The Perth Mint is Australia’s only precious metals refinery and the only major government mint to also operate a refinery. The Perth Mint also sells gold coins.

Perth Mint silver sales data: The Perth Mint Blog

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