Welcome to the New BGASC.COM

Welcome to the New BGASC.COM

Now It’s Easier Than Ever to Invest in Precious Metals We are excited to announce several new upgrades to BGASC.com! Don’t worry, the ultra-low premiums and stellar customer service you’ve come […]

4th of July Weekend Silver Sale Starts Now!

The BGASC 4th of July Weekend Silver Sale is on now! Golden State Mint silver bullion bars and rounds are just $1.49 over spot per oz, any quantity, while supplies […]

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Trump, Negative Interest Rates, Gold and Silver

At the Davos conference of world leaders last week, Donald Trump bemoaned that the United States was at a disadvantage. ” We compete with nations that are getting negative rates, […]

Indian Silver Imports Decline at Year End

Indian gold imports often account for 20-25% of total global demand. The first half of 2019 was shaping up as the potentially the biggest year on record for Indian silver […]

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Silver Dimes – The Perfect Barter Item?

Junk silver refers to the dimes, quarters and half dollars that the U.S. Mint produced before 1965 that contained 90% silver. These coins were once used as everyday legal tender. […]