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Silver Bars Provide a Cost Effective Way to Stack Silver.

Silver bars are an ideal cost effective way to stack silver. Yesterday we discussed silver buying opportunities for those that want small barter sized silver like pre-1965 dimes, quarters and half dollars or fractional ounce silver rounds.

Today we are reviewing ways to get the most silver for your money by buying 10-100 ounce silver bars.

Silver bars are mostly produced by private companies like Elemetal, NTR, OPM, Silver Towne, Sunshine Minting Company, Johnson Matthey and the now defunct legendary Englehard Corporation. The Royal Canadian Mint also produces silver bars.

Larger silver bars generally make no pretention to replicate fancy coin or round designs. Silver bars are light on design and are purchased solely for their silver content. (although Englehard silver bars command a premium, in part due to their relative rarity). Ten to 100 ounce silver bars usually contain the logo and design of the mint producing the bars, the name of the issuing mint, an imprint displaying the amount of silver in the bar, a statement of fineness and little else. These silver bars, however, will always contain 10-100 ounces of .999 fine silver.

When you buy silver bars you are purchasing to stack as much silver as you can for the lowest possible price. The larger the bars, generally the closer to the spot price of silver per ounce you will get. Set forth below are the larger bars that we have in stock.

Ten ounce silver bars are a convenient size and provide good value. stocks a wide range of 10 ounce silver bars. Below we display the Sunshine Minting 10 ounce bars. These bars can be purchased individually or in “Monster Boxes” of 50 bars. Sunshine Minting is one of the mints that provides the U.S. Mint with silver blanks or planchets on which the U.S. Mint uses to produce American Silver Eagles.

10 Ounce Silver Bars

Sunshine minting 10 ounce silver bar
Click to Buy 10 oz Silver Bars Sunshine Minting .999 Fine Bullion Ingot

Sunshine Minting 10 ounce silver bars come in pre-stacked monster boxes of fifty bars!

sunshine minting monster box one opened
Click to Buy Monster Boxes of 10 oz Silver Bars Sunshine Minting .999 Fine Bullion Ingot (50 Bars)

Sunshine Minting products are now produced with an anti-counterfeiting feature that allows owners to self authenticate their Sunshine Minting silver with a security decoder lens pictured below.

sunshine minting anti-counterfeiting card
Click to Buy Sunshine Mint Security Decoder Lens – MINT MARK SI™
10 ounce Englehard silver
Click to Buy 10 oz Engelhard Silver Bars .999+ Fine (Wide / Struck)
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25 Ounce Silver Bars

25 ounce Monarch Hand Poured silver
Click to Buy 25 oz Silver Bars Monarch Hand Poured .999 Fine Bullion Loaf Ingot

1 Kilo (32.15 Ounces) Silver Bars

1 kilo silver bars assorted
Click to Buy 1 Kilo Silver Bars (32.15 troy oz) – Secondary Market (Random Assorted)
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50 Ounce Silver Bars

50 ounce monarch hand poured silver bar
Click to Buy Bullion Loaf Ingot 50 oz Silver Bars Monarch Hand Poured .999 Fine Bullion Loaf Ingot

100 Ounce Silver Bars

100 ounces silver bar royal canadian mint
Click to Buy 100 oz Silver Bar Royal Canadian Mint RCM .9999 Fine Bullion Ingot
100 oz silver bars
Click to Buy 100 oz Silver Bar Royal Canadian Mint RCM .9999 Fine Bullion Ingot (Secondary Market)
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