BGASC 2 ounce pirate captain front

Stocking Stuffer Idea: Stunning Ultra High Relief Silver Two Ounce Rounds

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Ultra High Relief Silver Two Ounce Rounds

Looking for the ideal stocking stuffer this Christmas? Take a look at these beautiful ultra high relief two ounce rounds. Ultra high relief silver rounds are small works of art engraved on the surface of a sold .999 silver bullion product. Small enough to fit in a stocking, but large enough for all the fine artistic details to be appreciated by the naked eye, two ounce ultra high relief rounds make the perfect holiday gift for the silver stacker on your list.

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The Privateer Series – From Elemental Mint
Ho, Ho, Ho and a Bottle of Rum – Pirate Captain

A bearded pirate captain stands astride a treasure chest laden with booty, with sword in one hand and a periscope in the other on this finely detailed two ounce silver round. Palm leaves frame the scene indicating the captain may have just committed some successful Caribbean plunder.

BGASC 2 ounce pirate captain front
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Walk the Plank, Matey!

This two ounce silver round from Elemental Mint features a realistic design of the pirate captain ordering a blindfolded pirate to “walk the plank”.

bgasc 2 ounce walk the plant silver round front
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Ship Ahoy – Pirate Ship!

This two ounce silver round features a pirate ship on the stormy high seas. The ship is not only being buffeted by a tumultuous sea, but is also seemingly about to be engulfed by “The Kraken” a giant, octopus-like sea-creature that according to Scandinavian folklore inhabited the seas off the coast of Norway.

bgasc 2 ounce pirate ship front
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All the Privateer Series coins share the same design on the obverse, a large pirate skull on top of a ship’s wheel wrapped in line with the inscription ‘no pray, no pay’.

bgasc 2 ounce pirate series reverse
No Pray No Pay
The Egyptian Gods Series From Elemental Mint
Cleopatra High Relief Two Ounce Round

The Cleopatra high relief two ounce round is the first in the Elemental Mints Egyptian God series. This round features a stunning design of the likeness of Cleopatra on the obverse. A Egyptian headdress adorns Cleopatra’s scalp while an asp slithers down her bare shoulder. The Eye of Horus, an Egyptian symbol of protection and health is depicted to Cleopatra’s left.

 bgasc 2 ounce cleopatra round
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The reverse of the Cleopatra ultra high relief two ounce silver round features the goddess ISIS atop a pedastel adorned with a scarab beetle, an Egyptian symbol of power. A large pyramid and hieroglyphics form the background.

 BGASC 2 ounce cleopatra silver round reverse
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Anubis Ultra High Relief 2 Ounce Silver Round

The Anubis ultra high relief two ounce silver round is the second in the Elemental Metals Egyptian Gods series. This round features Anubis, the Egyptian gold depicted as a man with an African wolf head. Anubis was responsible for ushering souls into the afterlife and guarding the tombs and graves of the dead. Anubis tinkers with the scale of which he was in charge that would determine whether a soul would be permitted to enter the world of the dead.

bgasc two ounce anibus front
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On the reverse, Anubis is shown in full canine form sitting atop a pedestal adorned with bird wings and two cobra snakes. A great pyramid and hieroglyphics form the background of the reverse of this dramatic round.

bgasc 2 ounce anibus reverse
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