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The Silver Card Is Back in Stock!

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1 ounce .999 Fine Silver in the Size and Shape of a Credit Card

Last month we introduced a new way to save, stack and store silver- the Silver Card by Pyromet. The Silver Card was so popular, we sold out in a matter of hours!

We now have a limited number of Silver Cards in stock again available

The Silver Card pictured below weighs one ounce, but rather than an ounce of silver forged into a bar or round, it is crafted into a thin, one ounce piece of .999 fine silver that fits in your wallet just like a credit card.

The Silver Card looks great. The front of the Silver Card is struck in a polished, mirror-like surface and stamped with the inscriptions, “The Silver Card”, “One Troy Ounce”, and “.999 Fine Silver” along with Pyromet’s name and hallmark logo (a circle containing the mathematical symbol for Pi over 999).

the silver card
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The back of the Silver Card show the imprint from the front of the card, highlighting the thinness of the card.

the silver card back
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Competitively priced, the Silver Card is a cost-effective way to accumulate silver and makes a great gift. The Silver Card is thin enough to cut with a pair of scissors if you want to divide it up into smaller, fractional silver pieces.

Each Silver Card comes in a protective sleeve, complete with a business-card-sized Certificate of Authenticity from the manufacturer.

the silver card check sleeve wallet

the silver card certificate of authenticity

Stack and Store Silver Cards – 1 oz The Silver Card by Pyromet (5-Pack in Security Case)

Silver Cards can be purchased in lots of five and each set of five comes packed in a BGASC branded security case.

the silver card five in a wallet
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the silver card five wallet compared to keys

About Pyromet
Pyromet is a privately owned Precious Metals Manufacturer and Refiner of Silver, Gold, and Platinum Metals. Pyromet’s founder Jay Miller began the business in a Chester, Pennsylvania garage in 1969, and made his mark in the industry when he developed a patented process for purifying silver that many silver refiners continue to use to this day. Pyromet, now owned by a few long-time employees, offers a handful of finished products for precious metals investors. silver

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