Scarce 2016 Gold Panda Coins Available to Order at – Limited Quantity Available

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Bullion coin collectors and investors have been clamoring for 2016 Chinese Gold Panda Coins, however they continue to remain hard to find within the United States… until now.  BGASC has a limited quantity of 30 gram Chinese Gold Pandas available to purchase.

We get numerous calls and emails a day from customers inquiring as to when these beautiful and increasingly rare coins are coming back.  Many have asked us if the Gold Pandas, like their living counterparts, are having “production issues”.  That fortunately does not seem to be the case, and the truth of the shortage lays in the allocation method employed by the PBC (People’s Bank of China) who mints the coins.

In mainland China over the last few years the government has been promoting the buying of Gold and Silver by its citizens even running tax payer funded advertisements.  To further this end, the entire production of Gold and Silver coins is used to fully meet demand in China before they export the remainder to the rest of the world.

With the current economic uncertainty in China, many of its citizens have increased their gold purchases.  Because many of these citizens cannot afford larger coins, the export shortage is greatest in the smaller fractional Gold Pandas such as the 1 gram, 3 gram, & 8 gram.

In short, U.S. dealers are getting only the remainder of the coins that the Chinese public was unable or unwilling to buy.  We at BGASC will continue to try our best to keep the Pandas available in and in stock.

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