2018 Perth Mint gold and silver kangaroos

The 2018 Perth Mint Gold and Silver Kangaroos Now Available For Pre-Order

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2018 Perth Mint gold and silver kangaroos

2018 Edition of Popular Australian Kangaroo Bullion Series Coins Shipping Soon

The Perth Mint has announced the availability of their 2018 Australian Kangaroo gold and silver coins. These coins are popular with investors and collectors alike due to the purity of their metal content and their intrinsic beauty. Both are available now for pre-order for shipment on November 3, 2017.

The Australian Silver Kangaroo

The one ounce silver Australian Kangaroo coin is a relative newcomer. This coin was first released in September 2015, at a time when the major sovereign mints like Canadian and United States Mints were having difficulty meeting demand due to shortages in silver blanks needed to produce Canadian Silver Maple Leaf and American Silver Eagle coins. The design of a hopping red kangaroo against the backdrop of stylized rays of sunlight became an instant classic and has been retained since the first mintage and is featured on the 2018 Australian Silver Kangaroo coin.

The Australian Silver Kangaroo is produced in amounts necessary to meet investor demand unlike other Perth Mint silver coins, like the silver Koala and silver Kookaburra, that are minted in limited quantities.

Although the Perth Mint does not provide a break-down of monthly sales of each silver coin it mints, due to the popularity of the silver kangaroo, the bulk of silver sales at the Perth Mint now come from this coin.

The Australian Silver Kangaroo is legal tender and has a face value of one Australian Dollar. The silver purity is .9999. The coins come in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

2018 Silver Kangaroo
Click to buy the Australian Silver Kangaroo.

Australian Silver Kangaroo coins can also be ordered in unopened tamper evident sealed tubes of twenty-five coins.

2018 Silver Kangaroo ROLL
Click to buy tubes of twenty-five Australian Silver Kangaroo coins.

Australian Silver Kangaroo coins are also available in mint-sealed “mini monster boxes” of ten rolls of twenty-five coins, or 250 coins per box.

2018 Silver Kangaroo Box
Click to buy Australian Silver Kangaroo mini monster boxes.

All Australian Silver Kangaroo coins are IRA eligible.

The Australian Gold Kangaroo

The Perth Mint describes the Gold Australian Kangaroo as “Australia’s most prestigious gold bullion coin series”. Since 1989, the Gold Australian Kangaroo has been released annually with a new image of the iconic symbol of Australia’s outback – the kangaroo – on the reverse of the coin. The 2018 version of the Gold Australian Kangaroo features a pair of Kangaroos hopping across the brush in the outback.

The Australian Gold Kangaroo is minted of 99.99% pure gold (.9999, 24kt) and the weight and purity of each coin is guaranteed by the Perth Mint that is owned by the State Government of Western Australia. Australian Gold Kangaroo coins are considered legal tender.

The Gold Australian Kangaroo is available in 1/10 ounce ($15 face value), 1/4 ounce ($25),1/2 ounce ($50) and one ounce ($100) sizes from BGASC.com.

2018 1/10 oz perth ming gold kangaroo
Click to buy 1/10 ounce Gold Kangaroo coins.
2018 1/4 Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo
Click to buy 1/4 ounce Gold Kangaroo coins.
2018 1/2 ounce Perth Mint Gold kangaroo
Click to buy 1/2 ounce Gold Kangaroo coins.
2018 1 ounce Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo
Click to buy one ounce Gold Kangaroo coins.

All Australian Gold Kangaroo coins are IRA eligible.

About the Perth Mint:

The Perth Mint, located in Western Australia, is historically known for its gold sales. Australia ranks third in global gold production and has about ten percent of the world’s known gold reserves. Many of Australia’s gold mines are located in Western Australia where the Perth Mint was founded in 1899.

As a full service government mint, the Perth Mint produces legal tender gold and silver coins that are not intended, however, for general circulation. Australia’s general circulation coins are produced by the Royal Australian Mint. The Perth Mint focuses on minting precious metal bullion and collector coins and bars.

The Perth Mint has been refining about 300 and 400 tonnes of gold and silver each year and also supplies gold and silver blanks to other government mints. As a major producer of silver blanks, the Perth Mint has not experienced any production halts during the past year.

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